About Us

The NFA has been the independent voice of the New Forest since 1867, making it the second oldest conservation organisation in the world. For over 140 years our guiding purpose has been to protect, conserve and enhance the flora, fauna and heritage of the New Forest, and all that makes it unique.

The NFA has helped shape the way the Forest is run today, starting with the sponsorship of the 1877 New Forest Act, and being involved in all subsequent New Forest related legislation and policy making. It is the only membership based association in the New Forest that gives its members an effective voice on a wide range of New Forest issues. It is a full member of the Campaign for National Parks, and is accepted as the independent National Park Society for the New Forest. It is a registered charity (No. 260328).

The NFA recognises the many factors that have shaped the New Forest we know today, and in particular the importance of the Commoners’ stock, the true architects of its landscape.

Please watch a short video which explains a little about what we do: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2zsA5fLX_Zk