About Us (continued)

National Parks

Most National Parks were established in the 1950s. They contain some of Britain's most beautiful countryside and important heritage areas. They are protected by special legal status.

They are diverse in character, ranging from the Norfolk Broads to Snowdonia and the Pembrokeshire Coast to the Peak District. The New Forest is the 'newest' National Park.

The Campaign for National Parks is a wholly independent national charity working to protect and promote National Parks, and the right of everyone to enjoy their beauty, tranquility and natural heritage.

The CNP is the umbrella organisation for the conservation and amenity groups that work in, and for each of the National Parks. In the New Forest this is the New Forest Association.

The CNP has great influence. It lobbies government, runs campaigns and is a forum for the member organisations to discuss and exchange information and expertise on issues to do with the National Parks.

To find out more visit: www.cnp.org.uk

National Enquiries: 020 7924 4077